The TYPO3 Universe offers highly flexible, scaleable and customizable products for Web Content Management, providing the basis for websites, intranets and web & mobile applications worldwide - always with a focus on the current needs.

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The most widely used Enterprise Content Management System worldwide.

CMS Award 2006

Copenhagen - 2006 a new European CMS award has seen the light. TYPO3 has won no less then three awards in this competition.


The TYPO3 products are build, managed and used by a huge active community spread all over the world, which guarantees constant and competent support.

TYPO3 delivers the best products for the web

Including the leading Content Management Systems, a powerful PHP Template Engine and a PHP deployment tool. 


The biggest advantage of using a CMS (content management system) for your website is the ability to control your content separately from the layout or design. With a powerful CMS like TYPO3 CMS you can add, change and remove text, images and plug-ins on your site without installing any proprietary software or paying a third-party. Because of the simple administration and editing tools in TYPO3 CMS, you can run and edit any kind of site, personal or business, without learning HTML, CSS, programming, or web design. 

There are other CMS solutions out there, of course, but TYPO3 CMS has some unique features that make it a great option for websites of any size, from small to enterprise: Being among the best has never been exceptionally easy, but when it comes to usability and such, the community is taking issues seriously.


Open Source

For the use of TYPO3 in your company there are no license costs, so you can invest your resources and budgets into the adjustment and individualization of TYPO3 for your business.


Safety First

Safety is first and foremost in the TYPO3 project and we take security issues in the core very seriously. With the TYPO3 Security Bulletins you get informed about possible vulnerabilities in TYPO3 core and extensions.


HTML5 + Mobile Ready

Since version 4.7 TYPO3 supports the future standard for modern Web development - HTML5. Content can be published in future proof by editors or the website operator. TYPO3 is both a content supplier for native mobile apps, as well as for so-called Responsive Sites which are designed to scale gracefully on a variety of devices. 


Mobile Device Preview

Editors can now view the frontend using the Web>View module to preview the webpage in different device widths. This allows you to simulate the website on smartphone and tablets. The different widths for preview are fully customizable by the integrator.


Multisite Management

With a TYPO3 installation, you can organize and manage any number of websites or applications from a single administration backend. It allows you to either separate or share all kinds of content and access rights across multiple sites. TYPO3 is an ideal tool for distributor websites, product sites, separate microsites or cross-intranet applications. 



A TYPO3 web site or application can be published and operated in any language in the world. Moreover, currently more than 50 localizations are available for the TYPO3 user interface and more translations can be added at any time.


Extensive functions for editors

TYPO3 supports you or your editors in the creation of content through genuine "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" and frontend editing, as well as integrated image processing with automation capabilities. Other functions such as "Copy & Paste", automatic thumbnail generation, or a wide range of content and media elements are available when working with TYPO3.


Much more

Find more information about TYPO3 on the official web site typo3.org.