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Development of an e-commerce portal, elevating the sale of exclusive luxury automobiles to an entirely new level. combines real-time bidding with direct sales, providing discerning customers with an unparalleled shopping experience.

Explore, Bid, and Buy: The Ultimate Destination for Luxury Cars on


The portal is designed to accommodate a tremendously high number of users while simultaneously delivering content quickly. We have utilized asynchronous processing and in-memory databases to ensure a seamless real-time bidding experience. With our optimized tools, vehicles can be offered for sale quickly and easily, either at an attractive fixed price or through exciting auctions.


Laravel (PHP), Node JS, React JS, Redis, MySQL AWS Server Setup: Application Server Instances, Admin Server Instance, Application Staging Server, MySQL, Read Replica MySQL (RDS), Redis, Application Load Balancer, Central Data Storage (NFS/S3)

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